Fundraising: Smart Stream

Now your high school or community sports team can reach thousands of listeners with our complete fundraising program.

Introducing SMART STREAM. Broadcast your high school, community, youth or travel team broadcasts and make money with sponsorships.We'll teach you how to set-up, broadcast and sell sponsorships.

No Broadcast Experience?

Not a problem. We won't confuse you with broadcasting lingo. We'll just show you how to set-up and reach a world-wide audience. Students, parents, fellow coaches or members of the community can be the play by play star! We'll show you how!

No Sales Experience?

Also not a problem. We have created a custom fundraising gameplan to show you how to target sponsorships and start earning money for your team.

How Many Games Can I Broadcast?

You can broadcast as little or as many as you want. We feature a "credits" program. You can buy credits that fit your needs. Stream a few games or a full season. It's your call!

What About the Equipment?
Equipment comes standard with each Smart Stream package. You'll get a laptop, headsets, microphone, audio mixer and all the cables you need to broadcast. You own the equipment, so you can use it for whatever you want!

How Do I Start Broadcasting?

Download the Quick Start Guide to the left. Determine how many credits you'll need, or how many games you want to broadcast. Our packages start with just a few games, to unlimited games.

How Can People Hear The Games?

All of your broadcasts will be streamed live in Stereo through our reliable server. Your broadcasts will also be available on our mobile application, allowing your fans to listen to the games from anywhere in the world on their smartphone!

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